A summary of Opinions about "Paramabdhi"

Uptil now several honorable persons from all over India have praised "Paramabdhi". Honorable persons from religions,political,scientific research,educational,economical,medical and other fields have commended this book. They have expressed their opinions heartedly. Those opinions are published in yearly periodicals named "Bhavik Bhavana" (year 2006,2007,2008,2009 and 2010).

A brief summary of these opinions given here.

  • Paramabdhi is the suprime book in the world of books.
  • Paramabdhi is an unique book of universal religion
  • Paramabdhi is book for all classes creed and religions
  • Paramabdhi is very very essential book for the arrival of peace in the world
  • Paramabdhi is suprime ocean of suprime knowledge
  • The spread of the knowledge in Paramabdhi should be done all over the world
  • Paramabdhi should be translated in every language of the world
  • The philosophy of Paramabdhi is for salvation of all persons in the world
  • The only way for attaining peace in the world is Paramabdhi
  • In Paramabdhi there is an existance of every essential knowledge of every field
  • Paramabdhi is an infinite ocean of infinite knowledge
  • Paramabdhi is an extreamly beautiful book
  • There is no alternative to Paramabdhi for attaining peace
  • Paramabdhi is a best,perfect and comprehensive book for all persons