Shree Datta Jayanti Festival(Birth festival of Lord Dattatreya) is celebrated here enthusiastically. The celebration exists for seven days or more.Many saints and other people visit this place during this festivity and during other time period all over the year. Every year several spiritual and cultural programmes are arranged during this prime festival. On the day of Shree Datta Jayanti tremendous crowd attend this festival.

Birthday of P.P.Shree Paramatmaraj Maharaj is also celebrated here. In the arranged programmes on this day many devoted express their feelings about Shree Paramatmaraj Maharaj.

Every Paurnima festival is also arranged here. On this festival occassion Shree Paramatmaraj Maharaj discourses his spiritual lecture. Thousands of people attend pournima festival.

In every festival Mahaprasad Vitaran is done here.

By coming here many persons have got an improvement in their life. Hence number of devotees is increasing day by day.